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To All Our Loyal Customers:

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina , I hope all your families are
safe and well. The damage and displacement suffered by all is quite
overwhelming and shocking. However, safety of our family and
friends is of utmost importance. With that in mind, please stay safe
and know that our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

We encourage all of our valued customers to work towards
rebuilding their place of business in our wonderful City of New
Orleans and its surrounding areas. It is vital that we all work
together to restore that “Louisiana Pride”.

We at American Crescent Elevator Corp. have already secured an
office location to accept calls at our regular office number. Due to
the devastation the area has sustained we ask your patience and
understanding with us in our efforts to provide a timely response in
the scheduling, restoring and maintaining of your elevator

Should you wish to contact us, our office phone (504)833-2219 is in
operation, our temporary fax number is (504)467-7826. Mail sent to
our address will be forwarded to our temporary P.O. Box 1047,
St. Rose, LA 70087. Please have patience and most of all be safe.
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