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At American Crescent Elevator Corp. we understand the building owners
need for safe, efficient, and reliable elevator operation at all times. We
have I.U.E.C. certified service technicians on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week. We offer several different maintenance contracts to meet a variety
of owner needs. We started our company as an elevator maintenance
company and it remains our priority to maintain the high level of service
our customers have come to expect.

FM Contract  
Our full maintenance contract is the most popular because it provides
regular monthly examinations of all equipment and includes call-back
service for 8 or 24 hours as needed to keep your elevators in top
running condition. All equipment is covered except as excluded on your
contract. Parts not excluded are replaced at no extra charge. Service
calls are included (except as excluded as in misuse, vandalism, power
failures, etc.)  

O&G Contract
Our oil and grease contract provides regular monthly examinations and
includes lubrication, minor adjustments and inspection of the safety
circuits only. Service calls and parts are an extra charge. Any major repair
required will be quoted for approval.

We can customize either of the above contracts to fit your particular
needs or budget whether it be for residential or commercial equipment.
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contact us today for a free quote.
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