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We offer replacement of components of an existing elevator with
components that perform the same functions but with greater efficiency
or accuracy. We can replace individual components or complete systems
depending on the need. Regardless of manufacturer or design we can
evaluate and recommend innovative techniques and solutions. We will
ensure that each system is expertly and efficiently upgraded to the
latest industry standards as well as local and state codes.

We only install non-proprietary microprocessor controllers. While some
competitors only use
proprietary equipment to lock-in their clients to
long term contracts,  we assure that you will receive the best system
available for your needs. Some benefits of a modernization include:

1. Eliminate high repair costs: Old worn out equipment is less
dependable, less safe and more costly and time-consuming to
troubleshoot. More often than not, delaying the process results in
wasteful repair of obsolete components that cannot be absorbed in the
needed modernization.

2. Ensure passenger safety & peace of mind: Modernization brings new,
more reliable equipment. More importantly, it brings state-of-the-art
equipment and makes an elevator system that is safer and more readily

3. Avoid costly downtime: Equipment needing continual baby-sitting due
to its marginal condition does not complement the needs of the building.

Components of A Typical Elevator Modernization:

Controller & Fire Service Addition
Our controllers are microprocessor based, non proprietary, and have the
ability to connect with your building's fire alarm system.

Power Unit
Replacement of the entire unit is generally recommended, as opposed
to individual parts replacement. All components would be new and
designed for the capacity and speed of the elevator. The motor, pump,
and piping will be submersed in a new reservoir.

Hall and Call Fixtures
In most older elevators call button fixtures were not installed according
to A.D.A. guidelines, updating requires that all hall and call button
fixtures be lowered to the Code required height. New fixtures allow you
to integrally add items such as emergency lighting, digital position and
direction indicators, hands free phones, Fire Service switches, etc.

Infrared Curtain
Replacement of the retractable car door safety edge & two beam electric
eyes with an infrared curtain is an improvement and safety enhancement
that would allow unlimited protection the entire door opening height,
such that any obstruction would cause the doors to automatically retract.
This system replaces the two beam electric eyes/safety edge that can
cause serious injury with protection that has no moving parts to get

Double Bottomed Cylinder
Code requires new or replacement in-ground hydraulic installations to
include a bottom plate plus a safety bulkhead all encased in PVC. The
safety bulkhead features an opening to limit the elevators descent
should a failure occur in the double bottomed cylinder. The PVC
encased cylinder minimizes the risk from corrosion and leakage due to
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