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At American Crescent Elevator Corp. we provide service and repair of
virtually any brand or manufacturer of elevator. As an independent
service company, our technicians are familiar with all types of elevator
and lift equipment. We also perform upgrades and testing as may be
required by codes.

A.D.A. Upgrades:

The Americans with Disabilities Act provides accessibility standards for
elevators. Listed below are items commonly needed for compliance with
the code.

New lowered hall and car stations with proper style and signage.
Emergency alarm bell.
In-car illumination in the event of power failure.
A hands-free phone pre-programmed to communicate with assistance
personnel 24 hrs. a day.

Annual and Periodic Inspections

We also perform full load, no-load, and governor tests. Call us
today for a quote on your annual or 5-year tests.
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